Are you ready for joy? Then take part in this special experience combining the intense sensations of online video with the leisurely pleasures of the printed page. Click on a photo and watch the eight videoclips of Ann Van den Broek’s Joy diptych, each illustrating a different aspect of the performance. Each clip corresponds to chapters of the booklet work/world; a bundle of short essays by Guardian dance writer Sanjoy Roy. Each essay takes an aspect of the work as its point of departure, then freely follows a line of thought out into the wider world. Where will it lead?

Take one trip for free! From time to time, we will make one text available to read online. Then watch the other videos, and if you want to find out where in the world all the texts might take you… The bundle is for sale in our webshop.

Based in London, Sanjoy Roy has been writing on dance for the Guardian since 2002, and contributes to publications including Dancing Times, Dance Gazette, Dance International and others. He is editor of Springback Magazine of contemporary dance in Europe, and a mentor for Springback Academy, an annual dance writing program run by Aerowaves Europe. He conceived and scripted the popular ‘Planet Dance’ animation series produced by The Place Theatre, London. He was formerly production editor for Dance Books, and still enjoys typography and design. He keeps an archive of his writing at