Joy of the hip

Relax that hip and… oooh, it feels so goood. Go ahead, try it! It turns out – just look at those classical statues – that you don’t need to be a Latin dance champ to discover the secret joy of the hip.

From the essay Joy of the hip, an extra, special video version is made in which we turned a part of the text into a performance. In this tutorial-like video performer Anthony van Gog explains where you can find the ‘joy of the hip’ and how to experience it yourself. Watch the video.

Work/world (content)

  • Heel thyself
  • Bittersweet
  • Joy of the hip
  • Loops
  • Adulterated joy
  • I, human
  • True colours
  • Airness

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  • Work/world is a collection of eight essays by Sanjoy Roy that offer a unique perspective on the Joy diptych by Ann Van den Broek.