Foundation (NL)

The WArd/waRD Foundation was founded in 2008 to further develop and promote the artistic work of Ann Van den Broek in the Netherlands. Most activities of WArd/waRD are financed and organized by the Dutch foundation. WArd/waRD is an ANBI (Public Benefit Organization), adheres to the CAO Toneel and Dans (Theatre and Dance Collective Labor Agreement) and subscribes to the various codes drawn


WArd/waRD holds the status of a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI). This means that make a donation is even more attractive. The sum of your donation can be deducted by a factor of 1.25 from your income. Companies governed by the corporation, may even deduct 1.5 times the amount of the donation in the corporate income tax return.

Interested? For more information, contact us by e-mail or phone +31 (0)6 836 133 35.

• You can find more information about the ANBI regulation on the website of the tax authorities.
• See information about The required ANBI information about WArd/waRD see the website of the Federation Culture.

Code Diversity and Inclusion

WArd/waRD wholeheartedly supports the attention to diversity and the organization supports the necessity of a more inclusive sector. Therefore, our organization fully endorses the Code Diversity and Inclusion that was drawn up by the sector. The code creates an important framework for the advancement of equality, diversity, and inclusion in our organization and in the broader cultural community. It encourages us to focus on creating a work environment that is diverse in all aspects: from cultural and ethnic background to gender, age, sexual orientation, and different skill sets. By embracing the code, we commit ourselves to advance equal opportunity, to respect different perspectives, and to create an environment in which everyone feels heard, valued, and respected.  We strive for inclusion in our artistic choices, our collaborations, and our employment policy.

Fair Practice Code

WArd/waRD endorses the Fair Practice Code drawn up by the cultural sector. For us, the code is a guideline that connects to our core values of equality, respect, and transparency. It creates a framework we can use to protect the rights and interests of all the parties involved in our projects. WArd/waRD strives for honest terms of employment, transparent communication, sustainability, and a fair division of resources. By embracing these principles, we commit ourselves to creating a healthy and fair work environment and contribute to a sector that thrives on equality, respect, and honesty for all its artists and professionals.

WArd/waRD adheres to the CAO Toneel and Dans (Theatre and Dance Collective Labor Agreement).

Cultural Governance Code

In terms of its board, WArd/waRD also strives for transparency and integrity. That is why we embrace and support the entire Cultural Governance Code. It offers a framework of guidelines and principles which are the foundation of an effective and ethical board. It has drawn up a code of conventions for good governance, supervision, and accountability, and in doing so encourages a culture of openness, participation, and trust.

WArd/waRD believes that implementing the Cultural Governance Code is crucial in order to remain a strong, sustainable, and responsible organization in the cultural sector. By integrating the code in our work method, we are dedicated to creating a healthy and transparent operational management. Board members receive no attendance fees or remunerations of any kind.


Hugo Bongers | Chair
Jacqueline de Jong | Member
Gabriela Acosta Camacho | lid
Pim Jansen | Treasurer
René Burgler | Member


Since 2015, WArd/waRD has been a preferred partner of Theater Rotterdam (NL). WArd/waRD receives financial support from the Fonds Podiumkunsten (Performing Arts Fund) and the City of Rotterdam.

FPK and City of Rotterdam