vzw WArd/waRD was founded in November 2000 in Antwerp (BE) to allow Ann Van den Broek to realize her choreographic work. Since then WArd/waRD has (co-)produced a number of productions. In 2008 a Dutch WArd/waRD (stichting WArd/waRD) was founded too.

The meaning of ‘ward’, according to the dictionary, reads as follows:
1) the act of guarding; the state of being under guard;
2) guardianship, being under control of a guardian;
3) a means of defense or protection;
4) a division of a jail or prison, or of a hospital;
5) a district or division of a city or town;
6) to fend off, parry;
7) to keep watch over, guard, protect.

In short, in relation to the organization, it is a place where it is safe to congregate and work.

Repeating the ‘ward’ in de name implies the duality that is always present in the work of Ann Van den Broek. The title is the key to the character of the organization; there is not just one ‘ward’, but there is another: a mirror image, a darker side, a conscience, a sparring partner.

In this context and atmosphere, the organization tries to be a creative and inspiring environment in which artists can develop and grow.