Q61 Niche 5 (2014)

In Q61 Niche 5, a dancer stands on stage alone, like a solo performer, struggling inside her own cocoon. The result is a repressed, sultry and at the same time a desolate and occasionally clinical, yet hopeful, character sketch.

Choreographer Ann Van den Broek zooms in on the extreme feelings that her creations often build up to, such as pain, lust, aggression, and clenching/oppressive fear.

The group piece, Q61, that Ann Van den Broek created in 2011, consisted of solo lines that moved past each other. Ann Van den Broek felt the need to revisit each solo and expand it. And so she created a new solo called Q61 Niche 5.

The audience is not a witness to the progressive build-up to a feeling, or to the struggle that goes with it. But it is catapulted straight into the extreme situation, in the climactic phase. A dark place, with a pulsing composition of ever-changing feelings and the movements they conjure.

concept and choreography Ann Van den Broek
original cast Francesca Monti
music Arne Van Dongen
lighting design Bernie van Velzen
set design Niek Kortekaas
premiere November 9, 2014, AINSI Theater, Maastricht (NL)


Date City Venue
01 Apr 2016 Q61 Niche 5 Den Haag (NL), Korzo
27 Nov 2015 Q61 Niche 5 Antwerpen (BE), ccBerchem
13 Sep 2015 Q61 Niche 5 Maastricht (NL), Toneelacademie
12 Sep 2015 Q61 Niche 5 Maastricht (NL), Toneelacademie
30 Jan 2015 Q61 Niche 5 Leiden (NL), Theater ins Blau
09 Nov 2014 Q61 Niche 5 Maastricht (NL), AINSI Theater
Q61 Niche 5
Q61 Niche 5 (2014)