Ohm (2023)


Resistance. Loss. Action. Tranquility. A lonely struggle. Resting the superficial and perishable. Moving becomes a compulsive battle. Bodies resisting, bodies surrendering.

in Ohm Ann Van den Broek makes control and resistance palpable with compelling rhythms and four unruly performers. She strips off incidental emotions to get to the essence of it. The urgent style hangs on to the resistance and makes it tangible in the present. Ohm feels like an endless tunnel. An absorbing and ultimately destructive sketch.

Ohm is a reprise of the original performance from 2010. However, the piece also appertains with the times we live in now. The duality between following and opposition, resistance and loss, control and letting go challenges us again. Reason for Van den Broek to revisit and reflect on the original production. Maybe after this revival the need to reinterpret identity and authenticity will resurface. Or has the balance shifted?

choreography Ann Van den Broek
performers Jean-Gabriel Maury, Kamil Pilarski, Carla Guerra, Isaiah Selleslagh, Karolina Krynicka (in varying formations)
sound performance steel plate Ann Van den Broek or Karolina Krynicka
music Arne van Dongen
set design Niek Kortekaas
lighting design Bernie van Velzen
styling Ann Van den Broek
photography Rio Staelens
trailer Thorsten Alofs
premiere February 17, 2023, Theater Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL)

Ann Van den Broek created Ohm in 2010 in collaboration with COVER #2 which also commissioned it. The work is based on the production Mijn solo voor Marie (Vernietigd) created by the Belgian choreographer Marc Vanrunxt in 1997. The reprise of Ohm is developed in partnership with Theater Rotterdam and with support of Fonds Podiumkunsten and Gemeente Rotterdam.


Date City Venue
17 Feb 2023 Ohm Rotterdam (NL), TR Schouwburg Tickets
18 Feb 2023 Ohm Rotterdam (NL), TR Schouwburg Tickets
21 Feb 2023 Ohm Almere (NL), Corrosia Theater, Film & Expo Tickets
23 Feb 2023 Ohm Drachten (NL), Schouwburg De Lawei Tickets
24 Feb 2023 Ohm Arnhem (NL), Musis & Stadstheater Arnhem Tickets
01 Mar 2023 Ohm Eindhoven (NL), Parktheater Tickets
10 Mar 2023 Ohm Nijmegen (NL), LUX Tickets
18 Mar 2023 Ohm Leiden (NL), Theater Ins Blau Tickets
21 Mar 2023 Ohm Amsterdam (NL), Theater Bellevue Tickets
23 Mar 2023 Ohm Breda (NL), Chassé Theater Tickets
25 Mar 2023 Ohm Utrecht (NL), Theater Kikker Tickets
06 Apr 2023 Ohm Tilburg (NL), De Nieuwe Vorst Tickets
07 Apr 2023 Ohm Haarlem (NL), Schuur Tickets
13 Apr 2023 Ohm Den Haag (NL), Korzo Tickets
25 Apr 2023 Ohm Antwerpen (BE), corso Tickets

“With Ohm Ann Van den Broek reduces her movement language to the essence, but then accelerated to a radical rite.”

– Trouw (NL, 2010)
Ohm (2023)