Memory Loss Inside (2020)

Memory Loss Inside
Memory Loss Inside
Memory Loss Inside
Memory Loss Inside

Memory Loss Inside is a cinematic translation of the successful performance Memory Loss. It is not a registration, it sketches a new perspective on the performance, the third creation from The Memory Loss Collection, the triptych on the theme of dementia.

Instead of the regular stage perspective, the film offers the viewer the opportunity to experience the piece through the eyes of the performers. With footage made by cameras on the performers, you are taken on a confusing and alarming journey through a world that falls apart into fragments. In a search for something to hold on to, elements from the original performance pass by like memories.

Memory Loss Inside is the winner of the Cinedans 2022 Performance Relay & Camera Rework Competition.

scenario, direction, choreography Ann Van den Broek
cast Ann Van den Broek, Frauke Mariën, Louis Combeaud, Nik Rajsek, Marion Bosetti, Jean Gabriel Maury, Carla Guerra, Kamil Pilarski, An Hackselmans, Anthony van Gog, Aryeh Weiner, Isaiah Selleslaghs
camera- and direction assistance Bernie van Velzen, Thorsten Alofs
editing Bernie van Velzen
musiccomposition Nicolas Rombouts, Gregory Frateur, Ann Van den Broek
lyrics Gregory Frateur
sound recording Dario Giustarini
sound mixing and editing Nicolas Rombouts, Studio Caporal
video and light design Bernie van Velzen
set design Niek Kortekaas
styling costumes Marielle Vos, Ann Van den Broek
production Sophie D’Hooghe
premiere October 7, 2020, Nederlandse Dansdagen (NL)

Memory Loss Inside is a coproduction of WArd/waRD (NL/BE) with the Dutch Dance Days (NL) and is supported by Podium Bloos (NL).

“Because the camera lets you watch every step of every performer, getting lost comes in double-hard (…) A terrifying gem.”

– Theaterkrant (NL)
Memory Loss Inside (2020)