Joy of the hip (2022)

During the creation process of Creating Joy, the research performance for Joy Enjoy Joy, we asked Sanjoy Roy (dance writer for The Guardian) to write about the choreographic work of Ann Van den Broek. At the end, there were eight texts, four about the research piece and for about Joy Enjoy Joy. These essays are bundled in the booklet work/world.

From one of the texts bij Sanjoy Roy, namely Joy of the hip, this special video version was made. In it, the performer Anthony van Gog explains where you can find the ‘joy of the hip’ and how to experience it.

More information about the booklet work/world can be found here.

direction Ann Van den Broek
performance Anthony van Gog
recording and editing Thorsten Alofs
assisting and lighting Jesse van Aalderen
music Nicolas Rombouts
text Sanjoy Roy

“Relax that hip and… oooh, it feels so goood. Go ahead, try it!”

Joy of the hip (2022)