Domestica (2012)

a co-production with Dansgroep Amsterdam (NL)


Two leading choreographers, Krisztina de Châtel and Ann Van den Broek, created a new choreography together. Ann and Krisztina have strong professional and personal connection: Ann worked for many years as a dancer at Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel. Today she has acquired her own reputation as an innovative and successful choreographer.

Driven by their shared memories and creativity Ann and Krisztina dialogue with each other in a joint choreography, with dancers of their two companies. They create, from their differences and similarities, a new world, reacting to each other’s movement language.

Domestica is nominated for a Zwaan (Swan) by the VSCD (Dutch Association of Theatre and Concert Hall Directors) as one of the most impressive dance productions of the 2012/2013 season.

concept and choreography Krisztina de Châtel and Ann Van den Broek
original cast Davide Cocchiara, Jozefien Debaillie, Conrenliu Ganea, Kelly Hirina, Kiyan Khoshoie, Andreas Kuck, Yuval Lev, Cecilia Moisio, Francesca Monti, Natasha Rodina, Danilo Tesi
music Arne Van Dongen
stage design Niek Kortekaas
lighting design Bernie van Velzen
photography Robert Benschop
premiere July 5, 2012, Stadschouwburg Amsterdam, Amsterdam (NL)

Domestica is a cooperation between Dansgroep Amsterdam (NL) and WArd/waRD (NL/BE).


Date City Venue
18 Dec 2012 Domestica Maastricht (NL), Theater aan het Vrijthof
27 Nov 2012 Domestica Purmerend (NL), Theater de Purmaryn
21 Nov 2012 Domestica Arnhem (NL), Schouwburg Arnhem
20 Nov 2012 Domestica Eindhoven (NL), Parktheater
17 Nov 2012 Domestica Houten (NL), Theater aan de Slinger
11 Nov 2012 Domestica Amsterdam (NL), Compagnietheater
10 Nov 2012 Domestica Amsterdam (NL), Compagnietheater
09 Nov 2012 Domestica Amsterdam (NL), Compagnietheater
03 Nov 2012 Domestica Almeren (NL), Schouwburg Almere
31 Oct 2012 Domestica Heerlen (NL), Parkstad Limburg Theaters
29 Oct 2012 Domestica Groningen (NL), Stadsschouwburg Groningen
25 Oct 2012 Domestica Delft (NL), Theater de Veste
24 Oct 2012 Domestica Drachten (NL), Schouwburg De Lawei
20 Oct 2012 Domestica Alkmaar (NL), Theater De Vest
19 Oct 2012 Domestica Den Bosch (NL), Verkadefabriek
18 Oct 2012 Domestica Rotterdam (NL), Rotterdamse Schouwburg
13 Oct 2012 Domestica Haarlem (NL), Toneelschuur
12 Oct 2012 Domestica Haarlem (NL), Toneelschuur
11 Oct 2012 Domestica Utrecht (NL), Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
10 Oct 2012 Domestica Den Haag (NL), Theater aan het Spui
06 Oct 2012 Domestica Nijmegen (NL), Stadsschouwburg Nijmegen
29 Sep 2012 Domestica Gouda (NL), Goudse Schouwburg
28 Sep 2012 Domestica Antwerpen (BE), ccBerchem
22 Sep 2012 Domestica Breda (NL), Chassé Theater
21 Sep 2012 Domestica Hoofddorp (NL), Schouwburg De Meerse
06 Jul 2012 Domestica Amsterdam (NL), Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam
05 Jul 2012 Domestica Amsterdam (NL), Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam – première

“The choreographic structure bears the signature of the two ‘architects’ of space, time and movement. The piece is a supple succession of dancing and theatrical scenes.”

– de Volkskrant (NL)

“In Domestica they paint a beautiful but grim image of the concept of ‘home’. No smooth ride… but an interesting experiment.”

– NRC Handelsblad (NL)

“In Japan schooling is only completed when the master has learned something from the pupil. Domestica is a performance of two masters.”

– Het Parool (NL)

“While their different forms of esthetics are clearly visible, there is a strong sense of unity that emanates from Domestica, elevating the collaboration to a higher level.”

– Theaterkrant (NL)
Domestica (2012)