Book – protect/perform



on the work of Ann Van den Broek | WArd/waRD

Author: Marcelle Schots

Paperback, 160 pages

Year: 2015


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The book Protect/perform looks back over a period of fifteen years in which Ann Van den Broek developed from a dancer into a renowned choreographer of award-winning dance performances. On the basis of conversations with writer Marcelle Schots, reflections and a great deal of previously unpublished visual material, the book sheds light on the context in which Van den Broek’s work was able to emerge.

“Before a work is put on stage it has been researched and worked on for months, sometimes years. In the end, on stage you only see my preliminary conclusion,” Ann Van den Broek says of her creations. What viewers see of her work in the theater, in a gallery or in a cemetery is only a part of her artistic reality. Neither is her conclusion an end station, nor does it contain a one-sided point of view. The book is there to ponder. To remember, to restate and to expose what was not said before.

Book – protect/perform