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Memory Loss (2020)

Memory Loss
Memory Loss

Memory Loss is the third and final production in Ann Van den Broek’s triptych, The Memory Loss Collection. In Memory Loss the two previous creations, Blueprint on Memory and Zooming in on Loss, come together and create new elements which culminate in the conclusion of the triptych. In an interactive setting the fifteen performers lose their own self. The spoken word, movement, music and technology are mixed into a game of reality and illusion.

The process is irreversible. Imprisoned in the space and the brain. All the things one holds on to fade away and the remaining signals point to dark passages. In the darkness all connections to the material world and all memories seep away. The ultimate loss of self. Lovingly and cruel. A bitter reality where nobody comes out the same.

The Memory Loss Collection
In The Memory Loss Collection Ann Van den Broek delves into the topic of memory loss. This project is made up of three productions, workshops, introductions and links to social organizations. Memory Loss is the final production in the series.

concept, choreography and directed Ann Van den Broek
original cast Ann Van den Broek, Frauke Mariën, Louis Combeaud, Nik Rajšek, Marion Bosetti, Jean-Gabriel Maury, Carla Guerra, Kamil Pilarski, An Hackselmans, Anthony van Gog, Aryeh Weiner, Iuri Costa, Isaiah Selleslaghs, Gabrielle Aidulis, Maxime Abbenhues, Samina de Wulf en Karlijn Roest.
music composition Nicolas Rombouts, Gregory Frateur en Ann Van den Broek
lyrics Gregory Frateur
video and lighting design Bernie van Velzen
set design Niek Kortekaas
styling costumes Marielle Vos, Ann Van den Broek
artistic assistance Gregory Frateur
source material ‘Brein en Branie: Een pionier in Alzheimer’, Prof. Christine Van Broeckhoven and ‘Verdwaald in het geheugen Paleis: Hoe te leven met dementie’, Nathalie Carpentier
photography Rio Staelens
premiere January 17, 2020, Theater Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL)

Memory Loss is a WArd/waRD (NL/BE) production, co-produced by partners Theater Rotterdam (NL) and ccBerchem (BE), as well as Theater Freiburg (THE), Podium Bloos (NL) and La Briquetterie (FR). The project has received grants from the Fonds Podiumkunsten (NL), Gemeente Rotterdam (NL), Ammodo (NL), Fondation d’entreprise Hermès (FR), Stichting Dioraphte (NL) and Fonds21 (NL).


Date City Venue
10 January 2020 Memory Loss Breda (NL) Podium Bloos – try-out
17 January 2020 Memory Loss Rotterdam (NL) TR Schouwburg – première NL
18 January 2020 Memory Loss Rotterdam (NL) TR Schouwburg
25 January 2020 Memory Loss Freiburg (DE) Theater Freiburg
5 February 2020 Memory Loss Utrecht (NL) Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
11 February 2020 Memory Loss Haarlem (NL) Toneelschuur
25 February 2020 Memory Loss Nijmegen (NL) Stadsschouwburg Nijmegen
26 February 2020 Memory Loss Drachten (NL) Schouwburg De Lawei
3 March 2020 Memory Loss Amsterdam (NL) Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (ITA)
Memory Loss (2020)