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Annexe (2001)

Annexe is a dance solo with a pianist. The solo is based on four solos for four different women/characters that first appeared in the performance Almost Not Now which Van den Broek made for studio Arabesque from Antwerp. In Annexe, the four solos and the four characters are melded into one woman. The pianist accompanies the woman in her efforts to delineate her personality.

choreography Ann Van den Broek
dance Ann Van den Broek
piano Rex Lobo
music Metallica, The Unforgiven adapted for piano by Rex Lobo
ighting design Robert Lefèvre
premiere January 16, 2001, The Loft/La Raffinerie, Bruxelles (BE)


Date City Venue
7 April 2001 Annexe Den Haag (NL) Korzo
6 April 2001 Annexe Den Haag (NL) Korzo
5 April 2001 Annexe Den Haag (NL) Korzo
19 January 2001 Annexe Brussel (BE) The Loft/La Raffinerie – première
Annexe (2001)