The Lady in Black
The Lady in Black

The Lady in Black is a documentary about Ann Van den Broek made by director Lisa Boerstra. The film shows Ann and her dancers on tour to the various theatres, working on new creations, during physically bruising rehearsals and their sweltering passion. Always intense.

Director Lisa Boerstra followed Ann for more than a year and a half. The documentary centres around the creative process of the production The Black Piece, but Boerstra also joined the company on its national and international tours of Co(te)lette, I SOLO MENT, We Solo Men, The Red Piece and Q61 Cemetery. After seeing The Lady in Black it is clear how Ann, the person and the artist, is interlaced with her choreographies.

director Lisa Boerstra
producer Windmill Film, Annemiek van der Hell
premiere March 15, 2015, EYE Amsterdam (NL)

The film can be seen on the NPO website.