From Tuesday December 15 to Saturday December 19, 2020 WArd/waRD is organizing a multi-day artistic program in Theater Rotterdam called Memory/Loss/Series. It is a multidisciplinary program with dance, workshops, music, conversations, installations, film, debate and performances about memory loss and dementia.

With The Memory Loss Collection trilogy by choreographer Ann Van den Broek as its principle and common thread, a unique experience will be created for a week in all the halls and public spaces of Theater Rotterdam to increase awareness and familiarity with memory loss and dementia.

Zooming in on Loss Soli

On Monday September 21, WArd/waRD will present the performance Zooming in on Loss Soli in AVL Mundo in Rotterdam as part of World Alzheimer’s Day.

With Zooming in on Loss Soli, Ann Van den Broek makes an additional variation on Zooming in on Loss, the second performance from the triptych The Memory Loss Collection. For these solos, Ann Van den Broek creates a solo performance for each of the three original performers.

There are performances at 4:00 PM and 7:15 PM.


A big part of Ann Van den Broek’s artistic vision can be found in the name of her company. The meaning of ‘ward’, according to the dictionary, reads as follows:
1) the act of guarding; the state of being under guard;
2) guardianship, being under control of a guardian;
3) a means of defense or protection;
4) a division of a jail or prison, or of a hospital;
5) a district or division of a city or town;
6) to fend off, parry;
7) to keep watch over, guard, protect.

In short, in relation to the organization, it is a place where it is safe to congregate and work.