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Ann Van den Broek

The Red Piece

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The Red Piece
A group of people, alive, driven, rhythmic and fiery. The urge to create, the power of persuasion, charisma. Drive brings change. They move around a transition point in pulsating waves, building up to the extreme. Obsession, destructive, damage. Bodies bound by personal passion and focus. A protective feeling that creates its own freedom. A loving, summoning cry.

Emotions (lust, despair, loneliness, grief, euphoria, pain) are the leitmotiv in Ann Van den Broek’s oeuvre. She couples the source of these emotions to a specific rhythmicity. In The Red Piece, Ann Van den Broek sets off from a rhythmicity that conjures emotions.
The Red Piece is a dynamic and fiery group choreography. Point of departure is the passion contained in every emotion, how passion can smolder and the moment it spontaneously combusts into flames. There is a driving, pulsating, fundamental energy present that leads to individual outbursts and explosions, related or unrelated to one another.

Van den Broek is working with the Belgian band Dez Mona to create the music composition. One can hear pure passion, in various tones, in the extraordinary voice of Gregory Frateur. In addition the composition is enhanced and influenced by the live sounds of the dancers. Movement, sound, light and setting come together to create a passionate and detailed puzzle.

Read also the weblog Irma Driessen is writing about the creative process of The Red Piece. More information about Dez Mona on their website.

The Red Piece is selected for De Nederlandse Dansdagen 2013 (Dutch Dance Days) as one of the most important productions of the 2012/2013 season and nominated for de Dans Publiekprijs (Dance Audience Award) 2013. Davide Cocchiara received the Dans Publieksprijs for best dancer for his role in the performance.

“Once again the visual quality of Ann Van den Broek’s latest choreography is super. (...) Flamenco, ropes, Dez Mona. Among these powerful constants the dancers try to (stay a)live. As a group they are driven forward, become a well-oiled machine. Their feet drag, jump, stamp, their arms gesticulate, a smile is more like a grimace. They are isolated snapshots of feelings, without anecdotal content.” (De Volkskrant)

“The vivid, powerful esthetic and the balanced combination of movement, imagery and music make The Red Piece an excellent production. ‘Careful now, we are trying. Careful now, we lose control.’ The lyrics seamlessly fit the intensity of the piece. The dancers’ movements in The Red Piece are even more pure than in previous works, without a trace of acted drama.” (

“Immense power emanates from The Red Piece, the new dance piece by choreographer Ann Van den Broek. The six dancers, who try to remain standing against all odds, are real survivors. (...) If the tapping of Van den Broek’s boots give the dancers’ repetitive moves a heartbeat, then the songs by Gregory Frateur give The Red Piece its soul.” (Trouw)

“Fascinating, impressive, disturbing, bewildering. However, thrilling and gripping throughout. (...) The mourning sequence is moving. (...) When it was over, cheers were heard followed by a long and powerful applause.” (Neue Presse, Germany)

“Full of energy and oppressively intense.” (Hannover Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany)

concept and choreography  Ann Van den Broek
with  Pin-Chieh Chen, Davide Pietro Cocchiara, Jan Deboom, Andreas Kuck, Yi-Chun Liu, Francesca Monti, Ann Van den Broek
music composition  Dez Mona
music adviser  Arne Van Dongen
styling costumes  Ann Van den Broek
advice  Marc Vanrunxt
flamenco coach  Clarissa Wedding-Jennes
rope lounge coach  Eileen Tan
set design  Ann Van den Broek, Bernie van Velzen
advice set design  Niek Kortekaas
lighting design  Bernie van Velzen
photography  Maarten Vanden Abeele
special thanks to  Josée Loockx, Marie De Corte, Christine Engelen, Honne Dohrman, Markus Müller
première  13 May 2013, Stadschouwburg Amsterdam (NL)

The Red Piece is a co-production of Stichting WArd/waRD (NL), vzw WArd/waRD (BE), Korzo Producties (The Hague, NL), ccBerchem (Antwerp, BE) and in cooperation with Chassé Theater (Breda, NL). With financial support from the Fonds Podiumkunsten (NL), the Government of Flanders (BE) and the City of Antwerp (BE).

  Tour 2013
3 May ccBerchem, Antwerp (B), try-out
4 May ccBerchem, Antwerp (B), avant-première
7 May Chassé Theater, Breda (NL), try-out
13 May Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, Amsterdam (NL), première
24 May Toneelschuur, Haarlem (NL)
25 May Toneelschuur, Haarlem (NL)
13 Sseptember Korzo, The Hague (NL)
14 September Korzo, The Hague (NL)
21 September Theater Kikker, Utrecht (NL)
6 October De Bordenhal (Dutch Dance Days), Maastricht (NL)
8 October Theater 't Speelhuis, Helmond (NL)
10 October Theater De Veste, Delft (NL)
12 October Schouwburg Arnhem, Arnhem (NL)
17 October cc de Werft, Geel (B)
23 October Schouwburg De Lawei, Drachten (NL)
12 November Grand Theatre, Groningen (NL)
13 November Natlab by Plaza Futura, Eindhoven (NL)
30 November cc De Spil, Roeselare (B)
6 December Schouwburg Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL)
11 December Sint Petersburg (RUS)
14 December Festival Moscow, Elena, Moscow (RUS)
15 December Festival Moscow, Elena, Moscow (RUS)
  Tour 2014
31 January Verkadefabriek, Den Bosch (NL)
6 February NWE Vorst, Tilburg (NL)
8 February Bourla Schouwburg, Antwerp (B)
15 February Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam (NL)
16 February Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam (NL)
13 September Orangerie Herrenhausen, TANZtheater International, Hannover (GER)
  Tour 2015
24 January LUX, Nijmegen (NL)
28 January Goudse Schouwburg, Gouda (NL)
25 February Taiwan International Festival of Arts, Taipei (TW)
26 February Taiwan International Festival of Arts, Taipei (TW)
27 February Taiwan International Festival of Arts, Taipei (TW)
28 February Taiwan International Festival of Arts, Taipei (TW)
1 March Taiwan International Festival of Arts, Taipei (TW)