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Ann Van den Broek
Q61 Cemetery

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Q61 Cemetery
In 2011 Ann Van den Broek created Q61, a very personal dance piece. During the process of creating Q61 she already felt the desire to adapt the piece so it could be performed in cemeteries.

In Q61 Cemetery Ann Van den Broek create a twilight zone, an area between heaven and earth. As if a door is opened and memories come flooding out. Taboos and emotions are acknowledged in a loving embrace. With the cemetery as backdrop, Q61 Cemetery slowly leads to a long, soft cry in an infinitely desolate, yet hopeful piece.

concept and choreography  Ann Van den Broek
dance  Jan Deboom, Andreas Kuck, Frauke Mariën, Francesca Monti and Dario Tortorelli
music  Arne Van Dongen & 'Wonderful Life' van Nick Cave
lighting design  Bernie van Velzen
styling costumes  Ann Van den Broek
photography  Sanne Peper
premiere  19 August, 2014, cemetery Steytelinc, Wilrijk (B)

  Tour 2014
18 August cemetery Steytelinck, Wilrijk (B), try-out
19 August cemetery Steytelinck, Wilrijk (B), Belgian premiere
21 August cemetery Zandvliet, Zandvliet (B)
22 August cemetery Zandvliet, Zandvliet (B)
26 August cemetery, Ekeren (B)
27 August cemetery, Ekeren (B)
28 August cemetery Ekeren, Ekeren (B)
  Tourn 2015
21 May Theaterfestival Karavaan, Alkmaar (NL)
22 May Theaterfestival Karavaan, Alkmaar (NL), Dutch premiere
23 May Theaterfestival Karavaan, Alkmaar (NL)
24 May Theaterfestival Karavaan, Alkmaar (NL)
25 May Theaterfestival Karavaan, Alkmaar (NL)