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   Hurry up...
Ann Van den Broek
Hurry up please,… it’s time
Hurry up please,... it's time is a dance solo with a pianist. Different movement qualities, music fragments and abrupt changes in timing are used to sketch a restless thought and movement pattern, and the inability to remain in one frame of mind. The dancer uses the objects that surround her in her hunger for more.

choreography  Ann Van den Broek
dance  Ann Van den Broek
piano  Rex Lobo
music  fragments from: Beethoven, Prokoviev, Rzewski, Bartók and P.J. Harvey        
lighting design  Danswerkplaats Amsterdam
styling costumes   Peggy Acke
première  December 2001, Veemtheater, Amsterdam (nl)

Hurry up please,... it's time is a production of Danswerkplaats Amsterdam and was co-produced by vzw WArd/waRD.

  Tour 2001
20 December Veemtheater, Amsterdam (NL)
21 December Veemtheater, Amsterdam (NL)
22 December Veemtheater, Amsterdam (NL)
23 December Veemtheater, Amsterdam (NL)
  Tour 2002
2 March ccBerchem (Gregory), Antwerp (B)
25 April Korzo (Voorjaarsontwaken), The Hague (NL)
26 April Korzo (Voorjaarsontwaken), The Hague (NL)
27 April Korzo (Voorjaarsontwaken), The Hague (NL)